Bonjour, hi!

I'm Jp and I wear more hats than a H1 can fit

I'm currently the Success Team Manager at where I lead our Mid-Market teams with teammates from Nepal to California and everywhere in between. I moonlight on a few side projects through my personal company Raccoon Ventures.

Before that, I've dabbled in quite a few things. From freelancing to multinationals, from the music industry to the video game industry, from marketing to RevOps.

Photography has been a huge component of my life for the past decade. My pictures have gathered over 225,000,000 views and over 1,250,000 downloads on Unsplash, have been published in 2 books, and exhibited once.

I'm also a gamer. I've been playing mostly on Xbox for the past few years. You'll find me mostly playing various Battle Royale games or Flight Simulator as the core rotation, which occassional stints in other games.

Last but not least, I'm really into gardening. This must be in my genes from my great-grandfather who was a farmer. It's like meditation to me and I crave the taste of fresh produce. Tangentially, I'm interested in homesteading and self-sufficieny.